Service introduction

Psychotherapy is a type of therapy used to treat emotional problems and mental health conditions.

It involves talking to a trained therapist, either one-to-one, in a group or with your wife, husband or partner. It allows you to look deeper into your problems and worries, and deal with troublesome habits and wide range of mental disorders.

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''The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change''-Carl Rogers

Psychotherapy can help you discuss feelings you have about yourself and other people, particularly family and those close to you. Sometimes, couples or families are offered joint therapy sessions together.

I am called a psychotherapist. Why? Because I am trained in psychology, and I learned how to deal with mental health problems. I am trained to listen to your problems. I have enough experience to find out what’s causing you problems, and together we will find a solution.

I will teach you specific skills. I will educate you to tolerate painful emotions. Difficulties occurred in your relationship will be managed more effectively, and your behaviour will be improved with my help. (To be complete with online all of the world)

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Even if you’re relatively unfamiliar with psychology, chances are you’ve heard of cognitive-behavioural therapy, commonly known as CBT.

It’s a common talk therapy practised around the world.

If you’ve ever interacted with a mental health therapist, a counselor, or a psychiatry clinician in a professional setting, it’s likely you’ve taken part in CBT.

If you’ve ever heard friends, or a loved one’s talk about how a mental health professional helped them identify unhelpful thoughts and patterns and behaviour and alter them to more work towards their goals, you’ve heard about the effects of CBT.

CBT is one of the most frequently used tools in the psychologist’s toolbox. Though it’s based on simple principles, it can have wildly positive outcomes when put into practice.

Making initial contact

Online Psychotherapy and counselling means you can be located anywhere. I speak fluent English and Romanian. If you live or work in London or East of England, I can conduct all or some of your sessions face to face if you prefer. If you would like couple counselling, face-to-face sessions is required.

To make initial contact, please send me an email giving your contact details and a brief description of your concerns. This will be an opportunity for you to express your situation to me. I will email you back, as soon as possible, explaining how I can work with you. Once we have established a convenient time for the therapy session, I will send you an email confirming payment details. I require payment before each online session. You can also pay for a group of sessions.